About Us

Pastor Maxine Brookes


The House of the Lord UK was launched on the 2nd of December 2007 at Rookery House, Rookery Park in Erdington, Birmingham. England. It is a church that is focused on preparing those who choose to live for Christ, equipping them with knowledge that will edify, support and develop their personal walk of salvation, fulfilling their purpose in God.

We are now at the Ebenezer Mission Hall, Cook Street Nechells, Birmingham B7 5LG Meeting from 3-5.30pm.

There are midweek meetings too. Prayer Meetings are Thursdays 7-8pm

Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus, teaching the observance all things, as documented in the Holy Bible.

It is a church committed to overseeing the growth of each member to walk in their calling as mature citizens of the Kingdom, bringing light to all who come into contact with them.

The founding pastor is committed to inspiring individuals to grow and succeed in their personal walk of salvation offering guidance and support according to the word of the Lord.

There is strong emphasis on following the Apostles doctrine in the book of Acts in word and in deed without adding or taking anything away. Grieving the Holy Spirit is taken very seriously!

The church believes in signs accompanying those who believe in the name of Jesus, with the fruit of the Spirit evident in their lives and the gifts of the spirit demonstrated according to our biblical example.

People of all race and age, can come and experience life changing revelation of the word of God and testify of a victorious life in action by growing faith and perfection.

The church vision is to encourage those who come to Christ, to stay in Christ and be ready until He calls us home to Him to be with Him forever.